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Kaemon Dunaway

Kaemon Dunaway - ContributorName: Kaemon
Age: Jurrasic
Position: Rad Photographer
Likes: Food (mainly sushi), Swords, Snakes
Dislikes: Barnie, The Dark Crystal
Security Clearance Level: Illuminati
Illuminati Level: Leader
BarCode: %!$4D@(*@%3#7%

Scarlet Kowalski

Scarlet Kowalski - ContributorHi, my name is Scarlet I am 11 years old and I live in a little city called Pine Lake. One thing I love about Pine Lake is the lake. You can swim in it in the summer and you can walk around it on the berm trail all year round. Every year a snowy egret comes and flys around the lake it is so beautiful! I enjoy making flower fairies, playing on the beach, playing with my dog Che, playing with my friends and making potions. Speaking of potions, if you have never tasted hibiscus tea you are missing out! The first time I tried it I thought it was a magical potion myself! My favorite animal is all of them.  I love elderberry syrup and my favorite fruit is a mango.

Finnian Edwards

Finnian Edwards - Contributor



Hello, they call me “Finnian.” But I prefer the term ”Tatrayes.” I was born in... wait when was I born? Well, I believe I am a few years of age. I like Stranger Things and The Office, so I am pretty basic. I can make stories, I guess. I spend my spare time in dumpster trucks. I also like space, making card games, and planning on things I’m never gonna do, like making car animations. Oh, and most importantly, making people laugh. It doesn’t work most of the time.

Olin Mofardin

Olin Mofardin - Contributor
  Hello, my name is Olin Olive Mofardin. I live in a house that moves and creaks. I am a bone collector, and I make models like towns and other things that pop into my head. I like: reading books, wolves and their relatives, writing songs, making fake swords, drawing dragons, tampering with things (like old Waffle Makers), writing stories, carving, shooting arrows and snowboarding. I don’t like cities, cars, motorboats or POLLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh great, now I’ve gotten worked up about pollution. Have fun with the magazine!!!!!!!

Haden Bowden

Hey, my name is Haden, and I live in Snellville, in a neighborhood called Norris Lake. There are really fun things to do in Norris Lake. We have a tennis court, a pool, and a lake. If you want to make bad life choices, there's a gas station right by the pool. It's an excellent place for buying soda and chips and candy bars and ice cream candy bars. Anyway, yeah! You should come to my neighborhood because I don't have a lot of friends here.

Lily Zeigler

Lily Zeigler - ContributorHowdy. I live here and there among mah many many avians. I writin’ this in uh southern peachtree with mah 2 seramas, Tuffy and Louie a sittin’ on mah shouldas. And my pigeons, ducks, geese, turkeys, and emus over yonder. Uh oh, the chickens are uh peckin’ this computer. CHICKENS ARE EXTRAORDINARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. SQUAWK CLUCK BAWK BAWK chirp chirp peck!!!!!! I got the computer back and will conclude this with I love chickens, fruit, and mostly chickens and chickens, and did I mention chickens!?

Addison Bowden

Addison Bowden - Contributor

Name: Addison Lynn Bowden
Age: 9
Favorite colors: light blue, black
How many cats: 5
Favorite books: Dork Diaries, The Dirt Diary
Family members: Mom age: 35, Dad age: 35, Brother age: 13

Favorite knock- knock jokes:

Whos there?
Ivana who?
Ivana million dollars.

Whos there?
Iona who?
Iona new bike.

Lucy Wardner

Lucy Wardner - Contributor


Hello, my name is Lucy and I live with my dog,cat, fish, snail, and other family members in a great city with a lake.  I like to write short stories and play with my friends and companion animals. Things that I like are MUSHROOMS!!! Yum! And Fall and swimming in the lake and foraging for edibles such as honey suckle, golden rod, etc. So yeah, that’s me.  Also, I’m a giant, rainbow catfish that lives to find out if the purple birdfish exists.


Greta Edwards

Great Edwards - Contributor

Hi, my name is Greta. I love being fancy, and my friend Scarlet likes being fancy too. I have an older brother, Finnian. I’m friends with Scarlet, Addison, Ruby, Lucy, and others. I love writing poems, especially rhyming ones. I love making books and comics. It’s especially hard for me because I have dyslexia and dysgraphia. Those are both learning disabilities. It’s embarrassing, but I’m not that great at writing, so I have to ask Siri, but it doesn’t stop me because I wrote over 15 books! OK, bye. See you later, Alligator.

Crystal Bowden

Crystal BowdenHey, y'all! I'm Crystal Bowden, a veteran homeschooling mom & Writing Coach living in Snellville, where I'm generally happy hiding away in the woods. In my spare time, I find yoga, fluffy blankets, reading, Christmas lights, hot drinks, writing, and kitty snuggles to bring me enjoyment. Last year I started this magazine adventure with a fantastic group of kids to create this collaborative vision, and now we are BACK! We are currently building our second issue of The Clothed Mole Rat Magazine, which you can expect to read in May of this year. You're going to love every minute of it. Promise!

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