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Kaemon Dunaway

Kaemon Dunaway - ContributorName: Kaemon
Age: Jurrasic
Position: Rad Photographer
Likes: Food (mainly sushi), Swords, Snakes
Dislikes: Barnie, The Dark Crystal
Security Clearance Level: Illuminati
Illuminati Level: Leader
BarCode: %!$4D@(*@%3#7%

Scarlet Kowalski

Scarlet Kowalski - Contributor

Hello, my name is Scarlet. I am 12 years old. I live in a house by a lake, in a city, in Georgia, in the U.S.A, in the world, in the universe. I like animals; my chickens are very adorable. Their names are Sunny, Thelma, and Dotty. One day, my chicken named Sunny escaped my yard and went into the neighbor's yard. It took forever to get her out, and when we finally did manage to get her out, she barely looked sorry at all!  One of my favorite things to eat is raspberries. Sometimes I sew things. I like to sew animals such as chickens and weird blob things that resemble cats. And sometimes ball gowns. One day, I was sitting on my porch in a chair when suddenly I looked down at my foot, and I saw five mosquitos all in a row on my foot feasting as though I was some kind of all you can eat buffet! Anyway, we just got two beta fish, and I am going to watch them now. Farewell! Until we meet again.

Chloe Del Toro

Chloe Del Toro - Contributor

 Hi, I'm Chloe. I live in Dothan, Alabama, and I like to draw and play with my dog Duke. I also like to watch Stranger Things. One of my cousins made me watch (Miles), but now I love Stranger Things. My favorite food is Gnocchi. I used to live in Italy for three years and used to travel a lot. The reason I lived in Italy is because my dad was in the military and he got out when he was a sergeant. My hobbies are playing with my dog Duke and watching TV. My favorite colors are white, black, yellow, linen, sage green, violet, and that is all about me. Hope we all become really good friends.

Olin Mofardin

  Hello, I am Olin. I live in a barn/house that does not move or creak. I like snowboarding, though I crash about every ten minutes if the trail is a blue (medium), black diamond (hard), or double black diamond (harder, or something like that). My favorite season is winter, the perfect time to sit down and play D&D, The Cult of Barnacle Bay, compose a few songs with a band, and practice guitar. I also engineer my own lego weapons; my favorite is a crossbow. Have fun reading this definitely sane magazine!

Remy Rochelle

Remy Rochelle - Contributor

Remy Rochelle is 13- no 14 yes, 14. Even though her siblings say, she is older than the sun. She lives in good ol' Townsend, Tennessee. Where is that? I don't know either! Remy is indeed very sane, and in no way, shape, or form is a threat. This is Remy's first time writing for The Clothed Molerat, and it probably won't be her last! Remy is indeed a female woman. Despite 'Remy' being a boy's name.

Quotes by Remy:
"The joy is fake, but the pain is real."
"I wanna sleep next to a dead body!"
"One day, I hope you find your Ross Federman." That one was actually by Remy's younger sister.

Remy dislikes people who stomp upstairs and shake the whole house, YES! I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU! Don't act so innocent! Everyone knows you do it! They're just too polite to say anything! Well, now I'm saying it for them!

Remy loves Sci-fi, the paranormal, murder mysterious, different codes and ciphers, secret societies (she is currently in four), thinking about the infinite expansion of our universe, tally hall, Invader Zim, Looney Tunes, TMNT, Portal, drawing, space, and writing bios about herself in the third person.

Miles Hodges

Miles Hodges - ContributorName: Miles Hodges
Age: 12
Smell: Beef
Favorite Things To Do: Eat, Play Video Games With
My Friends, Make Art, Hiking, Go Camping And Be Creative
Favorite Food: Chili With TINY Onion Slices
Sibling Count: 1
Dislikes: Bright Lights, And Cockroaches Oh! And Bugs Crawling Up My Leg At 3 am
Web Browser: Google Chrome

Addison Bowden

Addison Bowden - Contributor


Hi, my name is Addison. I like to play basketball and go on walks. I like to write stories and make art. Some of the stuff I like to draw are mountains, trees, and flowers. I like to read, smell flowers, listen to birds chirp, and lots of other stuff. I take a lot of nature classes so that I can identify birds and types of butterflies. I like playing different types of board games, like Sushi-Go, Clue, Connect 4, plus I also like some card games, like Uno, Exploding Kittens, etc.

Lucy Wardner

Lucy Wardner - Contributor


Hello, my name is Lucy and I live with my dog,cat, fish, snail, and other family members in a great city with a lake.  I like to write short stories and play with my friends and companion animals. Things that I like are MUSHROOMS!!! Yum! And Fall and swimming in the lake and foraging for edibles such as honey suckle, golden rod, etc. So yeah, that’s me.  Also, I’m a giant, rainbow catfish that lives to find out if the purple birdfish exists.


Avery Blankenship

Avery Blankenship - Contributor

Hi, I'm Avery. I LOVE cats. I have 3. One of their names is Elle; she is all white with a black spot on her head. One of them is named Lucy; she is a black and brown striped cat. She loves the outside, and I have my cat Luna. Luna is VERY grumpy. She doesn't really like other cats. She is very fluffy and kinda overweight. She is fully grey and has very big green eyes. Elles's name has two L's in it for Lucy and Luna. But anyway, I am 11 years old. I also have two dogs; their names are Noah and Abby. I used to have a gerbil named Herbert. He had a small sweater that he loved, but he passed away two years ago.

I love to draw. I make realistic drawings a lot. I also have a YouTube channel called Mr_watermelon12. I make gaming videos, and I just got a Camera, so I started filming my cats. As you can see, I love animals. I have a very good imagination. I like learning about weird topics in school. For some reason, I can't really focus when I'm in a class unless the topic we are learning is interesting. I like writing stories and making characters come to life. But that's all the stuff that is interesting about me, so have a nice day.

Taurean Mitnaul

Taurean Mitnaul - Contributor



Up and coming artist/actor who likes to code in his spare time. Likes to write fictional stories.

Crystal Bowden

Crystal Bowden - EditorI'm Crystal Bowden, a veteran homeschooling mom & Writing Coach living in Snellville, where I'm generally happy hiding away in the woods. In my spare time, I find yoga, fluffy blankets, reading, Christmas lights, hot drinks, writing poetry, and kitty snuggles to bring me enjoyment. Last year I started this magazine adventure with a fantastic group of kids to create a collaborative vision, and now we are BACK for our 5th issue! We are currently building our Spring 2021 Issue of The Clothed Mole Rat Magazine, which you can expect to read at the end of May. You're going to love every minute of it. Promise!

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