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The Clothed Mole Rat Magazine is a student-created magazine developed by kids FOR everyone! Created as an endeavor in teamwork and collaboration, our contributors work together to make decisions, create content, and put together a fantastic magazine for your community to enjoy!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a magazine that people from all walks of life will love! We've created short stories, comics, poetry, reviews, recipes, articles on a variety of topics, photography and other artworks - just for you!

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The Clothed Mole Rat - Winter 2019 Edition

Our First Issue

The first issue of The Clothed Mole Rat Magazine has officially launched! Enjoy over 40 pages of short stories, poetry, artworks, photography, & more! Share it will your children, friends, and family. We'd love to hear your thoughts too! Please leave your feedback below. Thanks!
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What People Are Saying


You guys rock!! I want more!!

My Hat is Off...

I'm super impressed with the magazine! I mean really impressed, with everything from the idea, to the look and layout, to the skill sets of the kids! I loved the variety of the content, and these kids are great writers. My hat is off to everyone involved!

I Can Barely Wait...

A lot of creative thought went into this magazine! I can barely wait for your next issue and hope that all the contributors continue talking to strange creatures.

Funny & Truthful...

Loved the magazine! It was just plain cute. I'd love to know more about Jeff and why he sleeps in different trees, based on the day of the week. The kid quotes were so funny and truthful, loved those as well.

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TCMR Contributors - Spring 2020

Spring Issue

Our contributors are busy working away on fantastic content for our Spring issue coming in May 2020! You won't want to miss it! Follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks and progress updates. Thanks!
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